New Foot Rescue Balm Travel Size

New Foot Rescue Balm Travel Size

11th Feb 2022

Most of us recognise the benefits of a regular skincare routine. But the skin is our largest organ, and all too often we forget about areas other than the face that deserve attention. 

Our feet carry us through life - from our first steps to our last. And at Botanicals, we have always given them the attention they deserve with product formulation and development - which is probably why our hero Foot Rescue Balm has received so many accolades and awards.

To help you cherish your feet wherever you are, we've introduced a brand new travel size of our multi award-winning Foot Rescue Balm. RRP is £12 for 30g. But throughout February, you can order the travel size at a special price of just £10.

Foot Care Routine

As we grow older, many of us experience problems such as athletes foot, blisters, bunions and even arthritis. However, these ailments can be alleviated by maintaining a good foot health regimen.

Botanicals Therapeutic Foot Soak will soften, soothe, refresh and deodorise, and our award winning Mineral Foot Scrub will help exfoliate dead skin allowing for optimum absorption of topical creams.

Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm is highly effective at softening the skin and promoting overall foot health. Shea Butter, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel oils moisturise and replenish, whilst an invigorating anti-bacterial blend of organic wild mint, tea tree and spearmint essential oils deodorise and revitalise tired and neglected feet.

We recommend using our award winning Sanitising Spritz as the first step in your foot health regimen. Botanicals Sanitising Spritz contains 65% organic alcohol and is blended with mineral rich spring water and organic Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils.

Foot Rescue Balm Wellness Trial

In 2019 we conducted a Foot Rescue Balm Wellness Trial. We interviewed 25 customers who had concerns about their feet, and at the end we asked them if they'd seen any improvement. Overall, 92% of our participants said the condition of their feet had improved - 36% by a little, and 56% by a lot. You can read the full article here.