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Natural Benefits

Our guiding philosophy is that nature knows best. We make our pure, safe & effective organic skincare using only the highest quality, natural & Soil Association certified organic ingredients.


Holistic & Sensory

Each product has been carefully crafted to benefit both your skin and your mind. Our active, potent botanicals restore and balance your skin delivering targeted benefits according to your skin’s needs whilst the pure, organic essential oil blends provide therapeutic benefits to calm and soothe your mind. The texture and aroma of each formulation have also been expertly designed to deliver a sensory, therapeutic experience whether being used at home, in the salon or at the spa.

Quality & Purity

We carefully select every one of our natural, organic ingredients ensuring that they are the purest and highest quality and that they come from sustainable sources. All of our formulations are a combination of active botanicals such as natural oils and butters and natural minerals such as salts and clays combined with selected, Soil Association approved natural cosmetic ingredients such as natural occurring preservatives.