At Home with Botanicals: Luxury Foot Spa Ritual

At Home with Botanicals: Luxury Foot Spa Ritual

Posted by Amy Stirling on 18th May 2020

Self care is more important than ever during these days of isolation - it can increase energy levels, lift mood and help build resilience. But confinement to home and salons being closed, makes it difficult to keep up with our usual routines and care for ourselves in the way we've probably been used to. 

But just because we can’t get to the salon doesn’t mean we can’t bring the salon to us!

This is the first of our 'At Home' with Botanicals series, where we give you tips and show you simple ways to take time out and give yourself some much deserved self care. 

Summer is coming, and with summer comes sandals. Your feet will thank you for some TLC and give you confidence to bare tootsies. Just follow these steps, and bring our luxury foot spa ritual to the comfort of your home.

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You will need:

  • A large bowl 
  • A clean, dry towel
  • Botanicals Therapeutic Foot Soak
  • Botanicals Mineral Foot Scrub
  • Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm
  • A natural pumice

Step 1

Find somewhere peaceful with no disturbances. I would recommend the garden if you have one and the weather is on your side! Put on some music or a podcast that helps you relax, and make yourself your favourite calming drink.

Step 2

Fill your bowl with warm water and add a scoop of Botanicals Therapeutic Foot Soak. Sit back, relax and soak your feet for 5-10 minutes enjoying the wonderful aroma.

Step 3

Keep one foot soaking and pat the other with the towel. Massage a scoop of Botanicals Mineral Foot Scrub into your foot - pay particular attention to between the toes, the balls of the feet and the heels. When it’s all massaged in, place your foot back into the water and repeat with the other foot. (Use the pumice to remove any stubborn hard, dry skin.)

Step 4

Rinse the scrub off your feet in the water and dry them with your towel. Then, apply Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm. Pop your feet up, and let the beautiful organic balm soak into your skin and work its magic. Your feet will thank you for weeks to come - that's a promise!