New Botanicals Organic Sanitiser

New Botanicals Organic Sanitiser

29th Mar 2017

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new addition to the Botanicals range; Botanicals Organic Sanitiser.

With growing concerns over the use of chemical-based antibacterial and antiseptic hand cleansers, this 100% natural, Organic Sanitiser is suitable for all skin types and provides a natural alternative for in-salon and home use.

A spritz of Organic Sanitiser delivers natural antibacterial benefits and dries quickly on the skin. It also has a pleasing natural fragrance and is made with organic alcohol derived from sugar beet, organic lavender and tea tree essential oils, and mineral-rich spring water, to help restore mineral depletion from the skin. Like all products in the Botanicals range, new Organic Sanitiser is certified by the Soil Association.

Wendy explains why she decided to add the new natural, Organic Sanitiser to the Botanicals range. “Like many professional therapists, I’ve become increasingly concerned about the growing use of chemical-based liquid soaps and the potential health risks they pose. I therefore decided to offer therapists a natural, organic alternative in the Botanicals range, which was equally effective but kinder on the body and pleasing to use.”

Tried and tested

Wendy adds, “After formulating the Sanitiser, The Nailhouse in Bristol trialled the product and I’m pleased to report it was a great success.”

Abigail and James, sister and brother team behind The Nailhouse comment, “We believe in the remedial power of nature so when we created our manicure and pedicure treatments using Botanicals products, we also asked Wendy to provide a natural hand sanitisation product.

"We didn’t want to use a chemically loaded sanitiser at The Nailhouse as it goes against our natural ethos. Wendy has delivered a natural, organic product we enjoy using everyday as professionals and also have in our kitchen at home for family use!  We also requested retail sizes as we thought this would be a product our clients would like to purchase, suggesting a 50ml handbag size.”

Botanicals customers can now also purchase our new Organic Sanitiser here. We’ve launched two retail sizes; a100ml bottle for home use and a 50ml handbag size (as suggested by The Nailhouse) for when out and about.

Wendy adds, “Our handbag sized Organic Sanitiser is also perfect for festival goers. All the benefits of natural antibacterial protection, kind and gentle and leaves skin feeling silky soft and smooth.”

We hope you decide to try and enjoy using our pure and natural Organic Sanitiser. With an easy to use pump action spritz bottle, you can ensure your hands and feet are hygienically cleansed - without petrochemicals!

View Botanicals Organic Sanitiser.