It's like putting my face to bed!

It's like putting my face to bed!

Posted by David on 21st May 2018

Here’s a glowing video review of our Radiance Facial Serum by Beauty Blogger, Lisa Gusto. Simply click to play.

Lisa describes herself on her website as a “Swedish registered holistic nutritionist living in London with my husband and two boys, one with multiple food allergies and celiacs disease. I’m a firm believer in using food as natural medicine. We are what we eat and how we fuel our bodies are directly linked to have we feel and look.”

Lisa tested our facial serum for a few weeks before publishing her video review. Here are a few comments picked out at random:

“I love, love, love this… it smells so amazing… it just lifts you up… I use it both morning at night… it makes me glow… like putting my face to bed… it’s comforting, nourishing and I feel really uplifted by it.

We do get some wonderful reviews for our two serums – both Radiance and Nourish. To view the most recent, simply go to the product page on our website (links below) and click the ‘Reviews’ tab. Here are the most recent comments on both products;

Radiance Facial Serum: “If you are nervous about using oils on your skin, try this product and you will not regret it. It absorbs extremely well and I even used moisturiser on top.”

Nourish Anti-ageing Serum: “I’ve been using this for a number of years now as it is the only product which cleared up my rosacea completely. I simply LOVE this product.”