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Organic spa massage

Serenity Body Massage (55 mins)

Sink into a beautifully calming and balancing full body massage, designed to relax your mind, body and spirit.

Immerse yourself in the restorative experience of totally organic aromatic body oils combined with Balinese style massage techniques.

Your body’s natural energy is restored with the stimulation of Ayurvedic Marma points, while the delicious aromas help to promote a deep level of relaxation and help bring your body back into harmony.

Vitality Back Massage (25mins)

For a quick boost to your wellbeing, this wonderfully uplifting and energising back massage uses specially targeted Swedish massage techniques along with carefully selected organic aromatic oils.

It delivers an effective energy boost exactly where it’s needed - while helping to banish any aches and pains from tense back and shoulder muscles.

Serenity Back Massage (25 mins)

Feel all your stress melt away in this totally organic experience.

A Serenity Back Massage targets the areas of your body where you naturally hold onto physical stress.

Our professionally trained massage therapists use 100% organic aromatic oils to massage your tension away, using gentle pressure to ease any muscle stiffness and encourage a sense of warmth and peacefulness.

Vitality Body Massage (55 mins)

If you’re feeling in need of a body boost, opt for Botanicals Vitality Body Massage.

This energising full body massage with specially selected blends of aromatic organic body oils, is designed to invigorate your whole body and give you a renewed feeling of health and vitality.

Vitality Body Massage is designed to revive and restore flagging energy levels, helping to reduce fatigue, boost sluggish circulation and improve your muscle tone.

It’s a lovely massage for anyone on a weight loss or detox programme as it gives you a no-effort workout with Swedish style deep tissue massage techniques, partnered with toning and stimulating essential oils. It’s totally uplifting.

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