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Botanicals Organic Spa Treatments and Rituals

We have designed a range of unique organic treatments and rituals that work not only on the surface of the skin, but also respond to your individual client’s needs at a deeper ‘energetic’ level.

Our special procedures follow holistic principles such as chakra-balancing, acupressure and Ayurveda, along with massage techniques that work at both physical and emotional levels.

We recommend that a holistic assessment and sensory test is carried out prior to any treatment, to assess your client’s individual concerns, and deliver a truly personal experience.

100% Organic Experience

Along with our premium quality organic skincare products, we also use organic cotton accessories; cloths, towels, mitts and pads, so you can be sure of a 100% organic experience.

Click below to view the five sections in the Botanicals spa rituals menu.

1. Organic facials

  • Discover organic
  • Natural radiance
  • Timeless rose

2. Organic hand spa rituals

  • Healing hands
  • Hand spa manicure

3. Organic foot spa rituals

  • Mineral infusion healing foot ritual
  • Foot rescue pedicure

4. Organic spa massage

  • Serenity body massage
  • Vitality body massage
  • Serenity back massage
  • Vitality back massage

5. Organic body rituals

  • Coconut cocoon
  • Green tea cocoon
  • Revitalising lemongrass body polish
  • Anti-ageing wild rose body polish
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