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Organic hand spa rituals

Healing Hands Hand Spa Ritual (75 mins)

Based on an ancient therapeutic treatment for hands in need of little extra care, Botanicals Healing Hands Ritual is perfect if you have discomfort in your hands and arms.

This deeply restorative treatment involves a soothing mineral soak, a luxurious up-to-the-elbow exfoliation treatment, a warm mask and a comforting hand massage with organic oils, designed to relieve discomfort and give you an energy boost.

Your hands will be treated to an aromatic experience in either uplifting lemongrass or soothing wild rose, to promote healing and revitalise your skin and nails. (Nail and cuticle work is included. Nail polish, if required is additional).

Hand Spa Manicure (45 mins)

Treat your hands and nails to a spa ritual, which offers much more than a manicure.

This luxurious treatment harnesses the healing powers of natural earth and sea minerals and is packed with effective organic ingredients. Combined with a lovely relaxing hand massage, it’s just the tonic for neglected hands that need TLC.

During this pampering treatment, your hands will be gently exfoliated with a choice of organic scrubs to thoroughly cleanse and revitalise your skin. A relaxing hand massage with gorgeously-scented organic oils will calm your senses, and your hands and nails will then be pampered to perfection with deeply hydrating balm.

Hands and nails are left nourished and healthy, depleted minerals are replenished and you’ll experience a deep level of relaxation. (Nail and cuticle work is included. Nail polish, if required is additional.)

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