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Hand balms & salves

  • Lemongrass revitalising hand balm
    £14.50 Lemongrass revitalising hand balm
    A conditioning and revitalising natural balm, full of active botanicals and essential fatty acids to help soften and enhance skin texture. Hand made in small batches using active plant-derived ingredients,...

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  • Wild rose nourishing hand balm
    £14.50 Wild rose nourishing hand balm
    A deeply conditioning natural balm made with anti-oxidant rich oils and butters, to help protect, soften and enhance the texture of your skin. Naturally nourishing and anti-ageing. Suitable for all skin types...

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  • Soothing salve; lavender & chamomile
    £17.50 Soothing salve; lavender & chamomile
    A nourishing natural salve to soothe, soften and protect the skin. Botanicals skin salve will soothe conditions such as eczema and chapped skin and is highly effective as an 'after-sun' moisturiser. Botanicals balms are...

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