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Organic body wash

An all-natural, preservative free body wash to gently cleanse and freshen skin without depleting its natural oils. Made with vegetable oils (rather than detergents) and infused with organic essential oils to give it a wonderful aroma, Botanicals body wash is suitable for all the family.

  • Lemongrass hand & body wash
    £15.00 Lemongrass hand & body wash
    A pure and natural organic hand and body cleanser, with refreshing lemongrass and mandarin oils and anti-bacterial tea tree. (Palm oil and detergent free.) Senses are both awakened and revitalised with this organic and...

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  • Wild rose hand & body wash
    £15.00 Wild rose hand & body wash
    Body and senses are uplifted and nourished with Botanicals organic and all-natural hand and body wash. The aromatic infusion of rose and rose geranium in a natural plant-based cleanser will freshen and condition your...

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