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Natural moisturisers

  • Gentle moisturiser: chamomile & marigold
    £24.50 Gentle moisturiser: chamomile & marigold
    A hydrating daily moisturiser which is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving no oily residue. Designed to promote the skin’s natural balance, our popular moisturiser is enriched with jojoba, avocado and marigold...

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  • Nourish moisturiser: rose & camellia
    £24.50 Nourish moisturiser: rose & camellia
    A skin-nourishing daily moisturiser which is easily absorbed, leaving no oily residue. Enriched with rosehip, camellia and carrot oils with a revitalising blend of rose, geranium and palmarosa, Botanicals Nourish...

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