Why the organic beauty & wellness market is booming!

Why the organic beauty & wellness market is booming!

Posted by Wendy Stirling on 18th Mar 2020

The Soil Association's 'Beauty & Wellbeing Market Report 2020', launched this week, announced that the organic and natural beauty market soared 23% in 2019 - to over £106 million.

Analysing consumers' buying behaviours, the report found that:
  • 79% of people are more likely to buy a beauty product if it is labelled 'organic'.
  • 92% said choosing an organic beauty product would make them feel like they were making a positive choice.  
  • 69% of consumers said they are now looking for products with recyclable packaging.
  • 82% said they felt they'd be doing the right thing for the environment.

Salons and retailers are responding to demand for more transparency in the market by increasing the availability of certified organic beauty products. However, shoppers are increasingly aware of false claims and seek certification to influence their purchase decision.

Currently, beauty brands are not legally obligated to be certified, so any brand can claim to be organic – even though a product may only contain 1% organic ingredients.

According to the report, over half (56%) of people in the survey looked for logos to support them with their choices.

Last year's 'Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market Report' predicted a 'turning tide' on sustainable beauty and wellbeing, reporting:

"2019 saw an explosion of the environmental movement, that is now in full swing. With Greta Thunberg leading the way, we have seen an emerging generation of passionate and informed consumers demanding more."

'Global Web Index' asked over 2,300 UK and USA based web users why they buy eco-friendly products. 80% said it was because they care about the environment.

With sustainability moving from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘necessity’, consumers, are quickly demanding more from brands. 

The report highlighted that: "Conscious consumerism is now an urgency, which leaves no surprise that 2019 has seen the certified organic and natural sector lead the way in this shift from a mindset to a lifestyle". 

The  report concluded; "2020 promises to be an exciting year of cutting through the noise, to drive real, heartfelt solutions to sustainability."