Therapist Good News Story

Therapist Good News Story

Posted by Amy Stirling on 28th Sep 2020

We recently asked Botanicals Therapists to share with us their good news stories on how clients had benefited from Botanicals products, and to recognise the wonderful work they do.

Our favourite story was from lovely therapist Lottie, who owns Organic Ritual Beauty in Rutland. The client who's story Lottie shared with us is her mum, who has benefitted greatly from using Botanicals products. Read her story below.

"About 6 years ago, my mum had a deep tissue skin infection on her face and terrible butterfly rosacea. Her skin was so over-sensitised to absolutely everything, and she would often have massive flare ups and reactions.

She had to be so careful with what she put on her face in terms of products - even sunglasses that rested on her cheeks would cause her skin to blister and become painful, red and sore. It was really terrible, and my belief is that the condition was linked to the preservatives and other chemicals in everyday, high street cosmetics products.

When I opened my salon almost five years ago, I took on Botanicals products. I had worked a little with organic products before and Botanicals just felt the perfect fit for me. I managed to convince mum to give the products a go - she was so wary of anything and everything in case it reacted. But she hasn’t looked back since.

Botanicals products are so beautiful, gentle and natural, but also results driven. My mum, (now over 50) absolutely does not look her age. She is radiant and glowy with absolutely minimal fine lines and wrinkles. My other clients never believe she’s my mum! Her skin tone is even and beautiful and she swears by the whole of the Nourish range - as she has done now for years.

It’s been many years since she had a flare up, she ALWAYS has a good stock of the products at home and I don’t know what she would do if ever you stopped making them!!

So thank you Botanicals, for making the most beautiful products and helping to restore, heal and maintain my mum's skin."

Find Organic Ritual Beauty's website here, and follow them on Instagram here.