Give Yourself the Gift of Self Love this February

Give Yourself the Gift of Self Love this February

Posted by Zoe on 8th Feb 2022

2021 was a rough year for most of us. Which is why this February, we are focusing on the most important relationship any of us will ever have - the one with ourselves. It's always easy to overlook the importance of self care, but taking time to show appreciation of yourself and your body can have a huge impact on your day to day life. That's why we have curated some great ideas that can help you to bring a little more well deserved self love into your life.

1. Meditate or practise yoga or mindfulness

The benefits of meditative practices are huge. Even just by taking a few minutes out of your day to practise can have incredible healing benefits. And you can practise meditation everywhere! Next time you are commuting or having a meal, try to be totally present in the moment. The Headspace or Calm app has loads of fantastic small meditation practises for people of every level. 

Yoga is also an amazing way to stay in tune with your body. Yoga with Adriene on youtube is a fantastic channel with yoga flows of varying length to suit any situation or body requirement, no matter your experience.

2. Write in a journal

Journalling is a fantastic self care practice. Our busy lives mean that our minds can often become cluttered and overwhelming. Writing down your thoughts is a simple, but effective way to combat this ‘brain fog’. 

A great way to start your journal is to make a few bullet points about things that you are grateful in for your life. This can be anything from your morning cup of coffee to your old friend that you haven’t seen for a while. 

If you want your journal to be more structured, we recommend making a bullet journal. There are loads of tips online about how to start, and creating one can be a fun and rewarding project.

3. Take a social media break

Whilst there are many positives to social media, the addictive nature of scrolling can take a toll on our mental wellbeing, often without us even realising (on Valentines day it can become extra draining). 

Social media has become so integrated within our lives, that often we find ourselves not taking the time to look up and appreciate what is in front of us. 

Why not try turning off push notifications on your phone or next time you go to scroll, why not set yourself a short timer and turn off social media when it goes off - trust us, your brain will thank you.

4. Make yourself a nutritious meal

What better way to thank your body than by honouring it with a nutritious meal. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair, but the act of taking the time to research what you need, going out to purchase the ingredients and then combining them into something wonderful is an instant mood boost and will make you feel nourished and accomplished. Or if you are a culinary whiz, why not challenge yourself to cooking an exciting new dish!

5. Buy yourself a gift

Every holiday we are inundated with adverts about what to buy for other people. And whilst this can be hugely rewarding, why not ask yourself when was the last time that you decided to treat yourself? 

To help you show yourself the love that you deserve, we'd like to show you our favourite bundles and collections perfect for an evening of pampering;