Brand New Aromatherapy Eco Candle Range

Brand New Aromatherapy Eco Candle Range

Posted by Zoe on 4th Nov 2021

Here at Botanicals we have been pioneers of physical and mental wellness through natural means since our conception in 2003. We are delighted to be extending our award winning range with the Botanicals home fragrance range, starting off with our all natural eco candles.

There is no greater feeling than coming home from a long day and sitting back to relax with your favourite candle. We cannot wait to share with you our lovingly handcrafted, essential oil and soya based candles. The health and wellbeing benefits of natural candles over synthetic fragranced, paraffin based ones are numerous.

About Our Candles

The importance of the use of all natural essential oils is paramount in all of our products, and therefore our candles are no different. As apposed to synthetically fragranced candles, there are no nasty chemicals or artificial colours in our candles and are therefore not only good for you, but also good for the environment.

We also only use 100% naturally derived soya wax in our candles. We never use paraffin, which is made from petroleum; a nonrenewable source that also contains carcinogenic substances. So there will be no black soot or nasty fumes released into your home. Soya wax also has a lower melting point, so our candles will last for much longer, giving you more time to to enjoy the benefit even until the very last gram.

We also only use cotton wicks as opposed to the alternative of metal or tin, which makes our candles 100% clean burning.

The Blends

Our candles come in four fragrances inspired by some of our signature blend scents. Each healing scent is holistically engineered to inspire and promote different moods, depending on what boost you need for your day;

  • Our Clarity blend, inspired by our award winning Foot Balm is and invigorating/rejuvenating scent to help you focus and switch on for the day.
  • Our Positivity blend, inspired by our Revitalising Hand and Body Wash is an uplifting scent to help promote happiness and awaken/refresh the senses.
  • Our Tranquility blend, inspired by our most popular body oil; Deep Peace is a balanced scent to help promote relaxation and a sense of zen for a peaceful/tranquil state of mind.
  • Finally, our Serenity blend, inspired by our Soothing Hand and Body Salve is a calming scent to help you unwind ready for a peaceful/restorative sleep.

How to Use

Using our candles is very easy; firstly, be sure to trim your wick before every use to give you a cleaner, brighter burn. On first burn, allow your candle to fully pool our to the edges to prevent tunnelling. Then allow our blends/scents to fill your home and refresh your senses.

Every product at Botanicals is lovingly produced by hand, and our candles are no different. We hand pour every candle from our production house in rural Leicestershire, which means that love, care and attention has been put into every single candle that we produce. We hope that you and your loved ones enjoy burning our candles as much as we have enjoyed developing them.