Sign the 'Come clean' petition

Sign the 'Come clean' petition

8th May 2017

Last month we published a post about the problem of 'greenwashing' - when companies market products as being natural and organic when a quick glance at the ingredients shows they're being deliberately misleading.

As the guardian of the UK's organic certification for a wide range of products - including skincare - the Soil Association recently announced a campaign against the growing trend of greenwashing called ' Come clean about beauty'.

In a recent survey, the Association found that 76% of people felt mislead by labels on these products. And now they're calling on everyone who feels this is an important issue to sign a petition against the practice.

They are calling on brands which make organic or natural claims to #ComeCleanAboutBeauty and use the terms 'organic' and 'natural' responsibly - or not at all.

If you agree, simply click here to sign the petition.