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About Botanicals

Founded by Wendy Stirling in 2003, Botanicals is a pure, safe & effective skincare brand, made by hand in the UK using only the highest quality, natural & certified organic ingredients.

Our Guiding Principles

Our no compromise beginnings

When you bring up a family, you are not prepared to make compromises and you’ll go to any lengths to do what’s best for them. It was this approach that Wendy Stirling took when she founded Botanicals back in 2003.

When Wendy’s daughter suffered a nasty skin reaction to a seemingly ‘natural’ shampoo, it prompted her to start researching natural skincare ingredients. She soon realised that there was only one way to ensure 100% purity, safety and sustainability which was to be guided by the strictest principles of the Soil Association.

100% organic

From being one of the first ever brands to be certified by the Soil Association, Botanicals is today still one of only a few brands to be 100% certified. In other words, every single Botanicals product has passed the Soil Association’s strict organic and sustainability reviews thus ensuring their quality, integrity and transparency.

Safe for people & the planet

Most people understand that a product which carries the Soil Association logo must contain organic ingredients but there’s a lot more to it than that.

As well as setting criteria for the ingredients, the Soil Association also reviews the whole manufacturing process to ensure products are produced in the most sustainable and environmentally sound way. They annually review the sourcing of every ingredient, piece of packaging, formulation procedures, business premises, waste management and energy and water usage.

Pure & Potent

To be Soil Association certified, every Botanicals product must contain only natural & organic ingredients, sustainably sourced from organic farms which protect the soil and never utilise harmful chemicals. It also ensures that all of these conscientiously sourced raw materials have been carefully extracted and gently processed to retain all their natural goodness and potency.