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About Botanicals

Our aim at botanicals is very simple: to provide a range of personal care products which are as close to nature as possible. Those that harness the pure power of plants. And reflect our belief that nature really does know best.

A seemingly never-ending stream of health scares makes us feel that large multi-national companies cannot be trusted to put our welfare before their profits.

These fears may be exaggerated. But many of us are asking 'why take the risk?'. Particularly when synthetic chemicals are often included for the benefit of the brand-owner - rather than the customer.

Synthetic fragrancers and colourings

Retailers demand products with long 'shelf-lives'. This means including chemical additives and artificial preservatives.

Marketing executives want bright colours and vivid smells. Which involves adding ever-increasing blends of synthetic fragrances and colourings.

Examine the long list of ingredients on most products and they read like a 21st century 'witches' brew'. Chemical concoctions which have been carefully packaged and marketed to appeal to the latest trends and fashions.

Botanicals products are different. They are pure. They are safe. And they fully conform to the European Cosmetics Products Safety Regulations.

We are confident that when you have tried Botanicals products you will never want to go back to synthetic alternatives. But don't just take our word for it. Read what our customers say.